Karta – Persien – 1771

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English: A beautiful example of Rigobert Bonne's 1771 decorative map of the Persia. Covers from the Black Sea south to the Persian Gulf and east past the Caspian Sa to the Indus Valley. Includes the modern day nations of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, with parts of adjacent Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. Names numerous tribal areas, villages, cities, deserts, caravan routes, and river systems. A large decorative title cartouche bearing garlands appears in the upper right hand quadrant. A fine map of the region. Drawn by R. Bonne in 1771 for issue as plate no. B 25 in Jean Lattre's 1776 issue of the Atlas Moderne.

Vacker karta över Persien från 1771. Den täcker området vid Svarta havet ner till Persiska viken. Nuvarande Iran och Irak i mitten på kartan.

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