Världskarta, vintagestil – 1800-tal

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Mycket speciell och stilren världskarta tillverkad i Japan med rysk text(!). Dubbel hemisfär.

Skapad av Honda Toshiaki. Kapten James Cooks tre upptäcksresor är utmärkta på kartan.

Vi har den väldigt högupplöst så du kan få den väldigt stor. Se exempel på interiörbilden.
Vi hjälper gärna till om du vill ha den som tapet. 


A Remarkable Japanese Manuscript Map of the World, Written in Russian, Copied from the Work of a Shipwrecked Japanese Sailor

Striking double-hemisphere manuscript map of the world with toponyms written in Russian. The chart also includes the tracks of Captain James' Cook's three voyages.

This example is believed to have been copied from a manuscript world map drawn by a shipwrecked Japanese sailor during his captivity in Russia, which came into the hands of the Japanese when the Finnish-Swedish Lieutenant Adam Laxman, acting as an agent of Imperial Russia, visited Japan in Kansei 4 (1792). Laxman was facilitating the homecoming of the shipwrecked Japanese sailor Daikokuya Kōdayū and, in return, demanded a trade treaty between Japan and Russia.

Kōdayū managed to bring a world map with him. This map was likely based on a Russian mother map which in turn was the base map for several Japanese copies known to have been in circulation in the first half of the nineteenth century. The geographical content of the map suggests that the mother map was likely the work of renowned Russian cartographer Alexander Wilbrecht and made in circa 1788–1790.

This example is one of the earliest of these Japanese reproductions, most likely made by the innovative political economical thinker Honda Toshiaki. Toshiaki produced a practically identical map in 1813. His writings also mentioned the distinctive cartouche seen on this map in his letters, suggesting he is the author.

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